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Sharm el-Sheikh diving equipments and scuba dive.



Dive regulator:

The dive regulator consider one of the most important pieces of the diving equipments. this piece you can not dive without it, because the regulator consider as live key to open the availablitiy to stay a live under water.

In Scuba diving, you need a regulator to us as a life line from your Oxcegine tank direct to your mouth to breath, after reducing the high pressure in the tank to a safe one to us from the drivers

How a Scuba Regulator Works

Diving regulators are made up of five parts. The first stage is attached to the scuba tank. The primary second stage or demand valve is what a diver puts in his mouth. The octopus second stage is used in a low on air or out of air situation. They are connected to the first stage by a low pressure hose. Also connected to the first stage are a submersible pressure gauge and a low pressure inflation hose. It is the job of the regulator to supply air to the diver at the right pressure.

Dive Computre:

Simply we can say that, its a divce measure the depth and time, to minimize the risk of decompression sickenss. the way of working is to keep the Nitrogen within accepted limits druing your dive operation.






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