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The great Pyramid-Cairo

Immortality was the main interest of the ancient Egyptians, as they believed that death

Is just a transitional phase between this short life on earth and the after life that has no

End. For that reason they called the pyramid THE HOUSE OF ETERINTY, certainly the great pyramid is the largest house of eternity.

Cheops is the builder of the great pyramid, one of the 7wonders of the ancient world, Cheops is one of the sons of king snefru.and his mother is queen HETEP heris.

Cheops took the throne of Egypt after his father Senfru and certainly followed the same instructive policy of his father, and inherited a well prosperous country. The policy of trade expedition at time of Cheops was growing well, so he sent trade expedition to the Phoenician coast, were, probably an Egyptian tribe near the recent Beirut were he used to bring cedar wood from there, which used for his ship and temples.

The architects of Cheops gained a lot of experience as they spent about 25 years building pyramids 4 his father, so they were prepared to erect pyramid 4 Cheops with the intention to be much bigger and greater than any one before, not only in size but also in design.

The great pyramid of Cheops, covers and area of 13 acres, the amount of blocks were 2,300,000 cut mainly from the quarries of the plateau itself. The average weight of each block on top like 2 tons up to 8 tons by the base.

some mathematicians said<if they cut these blocks to 1 cubic foot each, then  line them up in one line ,they would form 2/3 of the length of the  circompherance of the earth at the EQUATOR line>

While some others said {if they take these blocks, they could build an enclosure wall around FRANCE, which would be of 3 meters high and 1 metre wide}

the actual plan of the pyramid is to have the burial chamber of the king under the ground through a tunnel cut on the base ,but while building they changed the plan and made over the ground ,  that is why we have 2 burial chamber in that pyramid.

The Arabs wrongly named the second burial chamber queens chamber.

The whole pyramid was covered with allayer of white limestone, which was cut from TURAH quarries.

the pyramid was 146metres high but now its 137 only, 9 metre are missing from the top of the pyramid by the hand of the egyptian in the middle ages, as they wanted to dismantle the pyramid to take the stones for making wall around Cairo for defensive aim as there were what we call coursed war at this time also some of the stones were used 4 building citadel of saladin1175AD.

The length of its base is 230 meters and each side is facing one of the 4 cardinal points of the world east, west north and south, so the pyramid can be considered like the biggest compose in the world. Further more no cement between the stones, which joined naturally to each other. Also this pyramid never effected by an earthquakes, add to this, some American took photos from the space and said<these pyramids are arplica of a group of stars which we call orians belt stars>as a result they concluded there study and said the pyramid was built by spaceman or alliance.

certainly this pyramid built by ancient  egyptian as an old document  says< to the king of upper and lower kemt,to his highness ,following his instruction , 100,000 men working 3 months every year, manage to make this great building to be his eternal resting  house}

This is also telling us that the king didn't use his people as slaves, because if they were slaves they should work the whole year not only 3 month every year, which are the flood .time .or inundation season...

historians had full right  to doubt  any story mentioned about building that pyramid as we have no definite documents to explain and to answer the famous question, how it was built?

Finally, out of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the only one left is the great pyramid. More than 4500 years old. SO, King Cheops wanted immortality, sure he got it.

The pyramid is still here challenging time; time is getting old the pyramid is not.



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